Arkansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Scholarship Programs

The Arkansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will award the following scholarships annually as funds are available. The applicants must be a student member of AND by January 1. The recipients will be recognized at the ArAND annual meeting the following year.

Internship Scholarship ($500) - Awarded to a member of the Arkansas Affiliate who has been accepted into a Dietetic Internship Program (in or out of Arkansas).

Undergraduate Scholarship ($500) - Awarded to a deserving junior or senior to use for undergraduate degree or to complete requirements for entry into Internship Programs. The applicant must be a member of the Arkansas Affiliate, enrolled at an Arkansas University with Dietetics as a declared major.


  1. Completed application form, SEE BELOW.
  2. Education Background: Upload transcripts from each college/university from which you obtained credit for your dietetic courses. You will need to combine all transcripts into ONE FILE to upload. 
  3. Resume including honors and awards, extracurricular activities, education history, and work experience. The resume should be uploaded below. 
  4. Letter of application, typed and addressed to the selection committee. The application letter provides an opportunity for the student to introduce themself and should include:
    1. Why you want to enter the dietetic profession
    2. Background and/or previous experiences that have helped prepare you for a career in dietetics
    3. Your career goals
    4. Outline of financial need and why you are applying for this scholarship
  5. Two references (using this form) from a dietetics/nutrition major advisor AND another faculty or work reference. The recommendation forms should be submitted BY THE RECOMMENDER to by MARCH 18, 2022. 
  6. Verification of the acceptance into a dietetic internship program or undergraduate program. Have your major advisor or internship director sign this form. The verification should be returned to you and you should upload the signed form below. 

Applications are open January 19- March 18.  

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