Public Policy

Support for nutrition is not only good public policy, it is good politics. Members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have the ability and responsibility to urge consumers and lawmakers to learn about the positive role nutrition plays in healthy lifestyles. Nutrition also plays an effective role in disease management and treatment. For both individuals and society, the benefits of eating right and exercising include improved qualities of life and lower health-care costs.

See the 2021 Public Policy Presentation from the Annual Conference and Exposition

RDN Day 2020 was a huge success! Thank you Governor Hutchinson for your support!

Check out the latest message from Stephanie Bassett regarding her experience with Public Policy Workshop 2017:

Public Policy Workshop was an amazing experience in our Nation's Capital.  We got to learn more about the interworking's of policy development and what the best ways are to connect with our local and state legislatures.  The group of us were speaking on behalf of the Academy to help gain support in two important items: maintaining funding in the Prevention and Public Health Fund as well as the Farm Bill (including SNAP-Ed and EFNEP).  Maintaining funding on these items will help ensure delivery of nutrition education to many needed Arkansans as well as provide healthful, nutrition food options to SNAP participants.
The experience of being on Capital Hill, is one I will never forget-getting to meet and develop relationships with our State Representatives was an opportunity for Dietitians' to let our voices be heard!  Our work hasn't stopped now, we will continue to work with our State Senators and Representatives regarding important nutrition-related policy issues.  There is an opportunity for all of us to provide input to our representatives, by being involved at home; attending town halls, meeting with representatives in-district as well as completing the action alerts and telephone calls. The trip was a great experience, with great company.  I am looking forward to my continued policy work on behalf of the Academy. 


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