About Us

About Us

The Arkansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics represents a phenomenal group of outstanding registered dietitians who are compassionate and dedicated to making a healthy difference in the lives of others. Visit the Members Section of Arkansas Eat Right often to keep up with the latest news, events, and resources for ArAND members.

ArAND Vision

Optimize the health of Arkansans through food and lifelong nutrition.

ArAND Mission

Empower ArAND members to be food and nutrition leaders

Member Information

ArAND Membership - What's in it for YOU?

Membership in the Arkansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (and the state's district associations) is gained by being a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

By joining the nation’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, Academy members gain access to a wide array of benefits, including professional publications, networking opportunities, and professional development resources, among many others. As a member of a state affiliate dietetic association, you’re well aware of at least one major benefit of AND membership, but there are dozens of others—with new ones every year—that you might not know about. Of course, the Academy wants you to take full advantage of all the opportunities that membership provides. A listing of some of the newer resources AND provides for its members, as well as those of particular interest to affiliate members, accompanied by brief descriptions of their function can be found. For a more extensive list of benefits, visit the members-only section of the AND Web site at www.eatright.org.

Arkansas Affiliate Member Benefits

  • Access to the ArAND List-Serve and e-Communique
  • Reduced fees for the ArAND Annual Meeting
  • Eligibility for ArAND Awards and Scholarships
  • Access to member's only pages and message boards on the website

To sign up to be added to the ArAND List-Serve OR Update your E-Mail Address for the ArAND List-Serve e-mail us. You must be a current AND member to qualify for this benefit.